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What we're drinking - Sam Adams Winter Lager

This month, Nick, Blake, Chris and Eddie tasted Sam Adams' Winter Lager. They have thoughts and we thought we'd share them. As always, our homework is better than yours.

Yes, we have hats too.

The Basics:

· Type: Spiced Wheat Bock

· ABV: 5.6%

· IBU: 22

Sam Adams' description: Malty with a slight sweetness and hint of spice complemented by floral noble hops.

Nick: This might be the best winter lager I've ever had. Far smoother than in years past, nicely malted and not too rich. The spices (ginger and cinnamon mostly) are subtle and allow the orange peel to come through. Not too heavy like some winter beers.

Blake: A really good seasonal to get you through a cold winter night. Mild with a smooth finish. I really enjoyed this one.

Chris: Some winter beers overwhelm you with every flavor from your uncle's eggnog or compensate with a really high ABV. However, this is bock is malty with a really nice balance of both alcohol and spices. There's nothing too fancy about this, but it is consistent and pleasing like Thanksgiving dinner.

Eddie: Dark and toasty with little bitterness. The holiday spices are not too strong, but definitely complex. This is a holiday beer that everyone can enjoy.