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What we're drinking - Troeg's Hop Knife

Every month, we give our 21 and older team members some homework. They are asked to try a beer that they haven't had before or in some time and give you a few words on what they think. Whether you have a regular beer or like to experiment, Bridge City's team is here to help. This month, Nick, Eddie and Sean sampled Troeg's Hop Knife. Here are their thoughts:

The Basics:

  • Type: IPA

  • ABV: 6.2%

  • IBU: 87

  • Troeg's description: Hop Knife recognizes the time-honored tradition of hand-harvesting hops at the peak of maturity. At the end of fermentation, the beer flows through our HopCyclone releasing a bounty of preserved citrus rind, crushed jungle and tropical aromas.

Nick: An IPA with a malt backbone that screams Fall. Light citrus and earthy hops shine through the malt to create a super well-balanced IPA. Not heavy and not so hoppy that you won't want another.

Eddie: Hoppy smell with a crisp hops initial taste before a smooth finish. High drinkability with good kick.

Sean: Earthy notes with a nice hop bite. This is a hop float that feels foamy and creamy. Not a typical IPA, but quite good.


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