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Samual Adams and Sly Fox Variety Packs at Bridge City Beverage

Our collection of variety packs covers an array of styles and flavor profiles. As we move into warmer months, it’s important that we stay stocked with the coolest options available.

Sam Adams Summer Ditch Days and Sly Fox Box O’ Logs varieties are available at Bridge City while supplies last. Grab a variety pack for any outdoor occasion, from ballpark tailgates to campground adventures.

Take a look at some of the new variety packs available at the store.

Samuel Adams Summer Ditch Days

Sam Adams’ summertime variety pack comprises two new beers alongside staple seasonals Summer Ale and Porch Rocker. Perfect for a day on the lake or a backyard barbecue.

Summer Ale Citrus Wheat - 5.3%

Summer Ale is back with the same citrus wheat profile you know and love. Light and refreshing notes of orange, lemon, and lime mixed shine in front of a subtle spiciness from Grains of Paradise.

Take-A-Day IPA - 6%

Take-A-Day is a new, sessionable IPA designed for those long, hot summer days where staying cool is the top priority. Orange flavors burst onto the scene with a tropical hop aroma to mix things up. A slight bitterness makes way for successive sips.

Summer Adventure Lager - 4.5%

Summer Adventure Lager is the second new beer in the Summer Ditch Days variety pack. This crisp and smooth lager is brewed with pineapple and lime for a refreshing citrus profile. Caution: this beer will rid your mind of responsibilities and prompt excessive relaxation.

Porch Rocker Radler - 4.5%

Porch Rocker is Helles lager base cut with German-style lemonade for a bright citrus profile backed by subtle malt notes and a touch of hops. This lager-lemonade radler is equal parts classic Helles lager and fresh-squeezed lemonade.

Sly Fox Box O’ Logs

Sly Fox Brewing Company’s new Box O’ Logs variety pack is a lager-centric assortment of authentic lagers. It features Sly Fox staples and Great American Beer Festival medal-winners Pikeland Pils and Helles Golden Lager, alongside two brand-new beers, Bohemian Gold and Goat Race Maibock.

Goat Race Maibock - 7.2%

Goat Race Maibock has a rich malt profile with a touch of honey sweetness. Toasted bread and toffee notes are met with gentle stone fruit flavors for a complete beer, balanced perfectly for a spring or summer day.

Pikeland Pils - 4.9%

Pikeland Pils is the ultimate refresher for anyone looking for a good beer. It’s brewed with authentic, imported German Pilsner malt and hopped with German and Czech hops. The clean floral aroma makes way for subtle bready flavors and an overall easy-drinking taste.

Bohemian Gold - 3.9%

Bohemian Gold is another new Sly Fox beer with loads of body and flavor at a welcoming 3.9% ABV. It’s an unfiltered Czech-inspired session lager hopped exclusively with Czech-grown Saaz hops, adding a slight spiciness and sharp yet mellow bitterness.

Helles Golden Lager - 4.9%

Sly Fox Helles Golden Lager is brewed with imported German Pilsner malt for an authentic Helles taste, look, and feel. It’s golden with a full mouthfeel and a crisp finish; enjoy this one on a hot summer day.


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