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What is a Cold IPA?

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Brrr. It’s chilly in here.

Cold IPAs have taken the craft beer world by storm and they just might be here to stay. They’re crisp, hoppy and easy to drink, making them a great style for any type of beer drinker.

As Cold IPAs increase in popularity, the definition becomes clearer and clearer. Craft breweries around the country are cashing in on the new style and developing great brews in line with its existing guidelines.

Only time will tell what’s in store for the Cold IPA style, but it’s a hit right now. Let’s cover the nitty gritty: what’s a cold IPA, and where did it come from?

The Cold IPA -- What Is It?

Cold IPAs might not be the next “haze craze,” but they’re certainly making a splash in the market, and breweries are well aware. New beer styles don’t just stick around for no reason, though – the cold IPA is a wonderful style that fits into many beer drinkers’ lists of favorites.

A cold IPA is an IPA that showcases the hop profile and reduces the flavor of malt and other grains in the recipe. Cold IPAs are crisp and clean with minimal malt profile to let the hop varieties dominate the flavor and aroma.

Cold IPAs are most similar to American or West Coast IPAs, but they’re more refined with added crispness and a drier finish.

Where Did The Cold IPA Come From?

Cold IPA is a new style of craft beer. It originated on the West Coast in a small, not-known-for-craft-beer-at-all city called Portland, Oregon.

The Cold IPA came from Wayfinder Brewing Company in Portland, Oregon. Head Brewer Kevin Davey created the style between 2017 and 2018 when he experimented with a few new brewing techniques and ingredients for IPAs, resulting in the Cold IPA style.

The most notable differences in a Cold IPA compared to other IPA substyles are the grain bill and the yeast selection. Kevin Davey used a few odd adjuncts and a lager yeast strain when he made the new ale style in the original Cold IPA.

What Ingredients Do Cold IPAs Use?

Cold IPAs are brewed with lager yeast and sometimes corn and rice to free up room for the hop additions to take control. Alternatively, these beers can be brewed with ale yeast that is fermented on the lower end of the fermentation temperature range. The idea behind these ingredients is to create a clean and crisp beer that is still hop-forward

As with any new beer style, the Cold IPA is making waves in the craft beer industry. Unlike other styles, however, this one is showing signs of sticking around.

Cold IPAs Available At Bridge City Beverage

A 6.5% ABV New Zealand-style Cold IPA from Hop Farm Brewing Company. Brewed with Taiheke, Riwaka, and Galaxy hops and a lager yeast for a clean flavor and dry, crisp finish.

A Cold IPA from 21st Amendment brewing. Made with Columbus, Centennial and Cascade hops. Bright fruit hop aromas make way for a light mouthfeel and clean finish.


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