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Hamburg Brewing Company at Bridge City Beverage

New York’s very own Hamburg Brewing Company is on our shelves at Bridge City Beverage. We stocked up on a few staple ciders and some seasonal delights.

Bridge City has the following Hamburg beers and ciders in stock:

  • Blueberry Peach Hard Cider

  • Berry, Berry Sneaky! Fruited Sour

  • Peep ‘Dis Chocolate Marshmallow Stout

  • Craft Cider Variety Pack

Blueberry Peach Hard Cider - 6%

Hamburg’s staple Blueberry Peach Cider is a delicate mixture of blueberry and peach notes. It’s not overly sweet and has a semi-dry finish—a refreshing choice as the weather breaks. It’s available at Bridge City in 4-packs or inside Hamburg’s Craft Cider Variety Pack.

Berry, Berry Sneaky! Fruited Sour - 7.2%

Berry, Berry Sneaky! is a fruited sour brewed with blackberry, blueberry, boysenberry, cranberry, raspberry, strawberry, and lactose. The sweetness harmonizes with the sourness for a balanced blend that keeps your mouth puckered but pulls you back for more. It has a 7.2% ABV.

Peep ‘Dis Chocolate Marshmallow Stout - 7.4%

Check this out; Peep ‘Dis is a chocolate marshmallow stout with a soft mouthfeel and medium body. It’s brewed with real chocolate and marshmallows. Lactose adds body and sweetness, balanced by bitter chocolate notes.

Craft Cider Variety Pack - 6%

Hamburg’s Craft Cider Variety comprises Original, Blueberry Peach, and Mimosa ciders; each is gluten-free with 6% ABV. Original boasts a classic crispness with aromatic and flavorful apple notes. Blueberry Peach mixes blueberry flavors with a delicate peach aroma. The Hamburg cider is reminiscent of the champagne-orange juice cocktail.

Call or visit the store for more information on Hamburg Brewing Company products or any of your other favorite beers.

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