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Beer Spotlight: Hop Farm Wolfhound

Irish Red Ales are some of the best beers to enjoy throughout the earlier months because of their association with St. Patrick’s Day. Really, these beers are drinkable and appealing year-round for their thirst-quenching qualities and delicious, full taste.

Hop Farm’s Irish Red Ale only comes around once a year and, after checking the calendar, it’s time for you to pick some up at Bridge City Beverage or grab a pint over in Lawrenceville.

Wolfhound Irish Red Ale is now available for purchase in 4-packs!

Floral hop aromas lead the way before you’re met with sweet malt flavors of caramel with hints of toffee. It’s a drinkable beer with a modest ABV and loads of classic Irish-style flavors.

What is an Irish Red Ale?

Irish Red Ales are the result of Irish brewing ingenuity. At the time of the style’s creation, Irish brewers were tasked with creating a beer using less expensive ingredients than what was available. Instead of using costly British imports, locally sourced hops and malts–although not always the highest quality–made do.

These traditional styles sometimes used roasted barley, the same ingredient that gives stouts their signature flavor and appearance. Check out this article to learn more about Irish Red beers.

Hop Farm Wolfhound beer specifications

Name: Wolfhound

Brewery: Hop Farm Brewing Company

From: Lawrenceville, Pennsylvania

Style: Irish-style Red Ale

ABV: 4.5%

Taste: Slightly toasted bread and floral hop aromas. A mix of caramel and toffee flavors balanced by a gentle hop bitterness.

Hop Farm Brewing Company, located in Upper Lawrenceville, creates craft beer with a focus on sustainability and local sourcing for hop and malt ingredients.


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