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Bell’s Oberon at Bridge City Beverage

Bell’s Oberon is available at Bridge City Beverage! This week, our first shipment of Bell’s famous American wheat ale made its way to our shelves. Oberon comes in 6, 12, and 24-packs of cans and bottles.

Bell’s Oberon is an American wheat ale brewed specifically for the year’s warmest months. Its refreshing citrus wheat flavors and glistening orange color make it the perfect partner for spring and summer—indulge while spring flowers bloom or sip during the summer heat.

What is an American wheat ale?

The American wheat beer is an approachable beer style. It uses wheat malt, lending a distinct appearance, flavor, and mouthfeel. These beers are unfiltered and contain a variety of flavors with prominent, bright citrus notes.

Although they feature similar characteristics, American wheat beers differ from German hefeweizens because they do not contain banana and clove flavors. It has a bit more hop notes than a hefeweizen and includes a similar, less pronounced spice.

Keep an eye out for more seasonal releases as we move through spring and get closer to summer; Bridge City has plenty more where Oberon came from!

Call us or stop by the store with questions about your favorite beers.

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