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Two Roads Juicy Box

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Your Hazy IPA dreams have come true. Introducing: Two Roads Juicy Box.

Bridge City Beverage offers Juicy Box variety packs featuring three styles of Hazy IPAs. In this 6-can variety pack, you’ll find a double Hazy IPA, an imperial Hazy IPA, and a regular Hazy IPA. There are two 16-ounce cans of each beer in the variety pack.

What is a Hazy IPA?

The Hazy IPA is the most approachable IPA substyle. It has low bitterness with citrus and tropical flavors that appeal to a wide range of flavor palates. They’re full-bodied beers that look almost like juice (hence, “Juicy Box”).

If you’re looking to try your first IPA, the Two Roads Juicy Box is a great place to start. Here are the flavor profiles for each of the beers.

Two Juicy Hazy Double IPA

A Double Hazy IPA with more bitterness than a regular Hazy IPA, but less than an American or West Coast IPA. With Two Juicy, you’re met with a burst of citrus aromas on the nose. For flavor, you’ll taste grapefruit, pine, berries, oranges, and slight malt undertones to balance the fruity flavors. It has an 8.2% ABV.

Lil’ Juicy Hazy IPA

Lil’ Juicy is the lowest-ABV beer in the variety pack at 6.2%. Find tropical and floral hop notes in the aroma with plenty of juicy flavors like orange, lemon, and lime. It’s a complex profile designed to be crushable and approachable. This beer is brewed with lactose for added body and mouthfeel.

Mega Juicy Imperial IPA

The juiciest and strongest of the Juicy Box variety is Mega Juicy. This imperial IPA sits at 10.2% ABV with an intense flavor of tropical hop notes. Its bitterness is high with a greater malt backbone but retains those prominent orange, grapefruit, and pineapple flavors and aromas characteristic of the style.

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