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BrewDog Hoppy Mix Pack

BrewDog Hoppy Mix is available at Bridge City. The 12-pack variety features three 12-ounce cans of four different beers. You’ll recognize three staple BrewDog products alongside its new Lost Lager, a planet-first beer brewed using environmentally conscious resources.

Here’s the four-beer roundup for the BrewDog Hoppy Mix Pack:

  • Elvis Juice

  • Jazy Jane

  • Punk IPA

  • Lost Lager

A 12-pack case of BrewDog Hoppy Mix Pack

Elvis Juice, Grapefruit IPA - 6.5%

If you love the citrus, hoppy taste of IPAs, this one’s for you.

We know many of you have already fallen for Elvis Juice’s aromatic and pithy playstyle, but just in case you haven’t gotten enough of its fresh pine notes blended with orange peel and grapefruit flavors, here it is again.

Hazy Jane, New England-style IPA - 5%

Are you looking for a full-fledged fruity refreshment with minimal ABV and sky-high drinkability?

Look no further; Hazy Jane packs everything you love about New England-style IPAs into one 12-ounce, full-bodied, citrusy, and opaque masterclass of new-aged IPA.

Punk IPA, West Coast IPA - 5.4%

BrweDog popped open the hood of this kick-starter IPA and changed a few parts to make it even more fresh, hoppy, and West Coast-y.

Punk IPA’s updated recipe lends pine, lemon, cereal, and fresh-cut grass aromas with a slightly sweet taste and medium body.

Lost, “Planet First” Lager - 4.5%

BrewDog implements traditional lager ingredients, including Bavarian yeast, to make this dry-hopped pilsner reminiscent of lager-centric history.

Expect lively citrus, stone fruit, and herbal notes with a clean and refined finish. BrewDog brews Lost Lager using wind power, a third less water, and unused bread in the malt bill.

Call or visit the store for questions about BrewDog Hoppy Mix Pack or any other Bridge City products.


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