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Southern Tier Summer Variety Pack

Bridge City Beverage has more variety packs for the coming summer months. If you need a fruit-froward refreshment for a trip to the cabin or ocean, you’re in luck; the Southern Tier Summer Variety Pack is available now!

This variety pack showcases four summer wheat ales: Raspberry Shine, Mango Rays, Blueberry Sea, and Ruby Red Surf. Each beer clocks in at a middle-of-the-road 5% ABV for maximum drinkability and summertime enjoyment.

Here are the details for each Southern Tier Summer Variety Pack beer.

Raspberry Shine

Summertime’s fruit-forward flavors fit nicely into this raspberry wheat beer for a fruity, not overwhelming taste. Raspberry Shine is the perfect blend of raspberry sweetness and tartness mixed with the easy-going characteristics of the wheat beer style.

Mango Rays

The UV index is at an all-time high with Mango Rays. This beer is a drop of sweet sunshine in a can. Take your taste buds on a tropical vacation with luscious mango flavors balanced by wheat malt and subtle carbonation.

Blueberry Sea

See you later, coastline, and hello, deep blue sea! Whether you’re wading through the crashing waves or on the boardwalk for lunch and a quick beer, it doesn’t matter; Blueberry Sea quenches all thirsts just the same. Expect notes of fresh, ripe blueberries and a gentle mixture of summer fun.

Ruby Red Surf

Hang ten with Ruby Red Surf and catch a wave of ruby grapefruit as it splashes onto your palate, accompanied by a beach breeze and plenty of sunlight. Citrus fruit combines with wheat flavors for this classic beer-fruit harmony.

American-style wheat beer overview

This is one of the most approachable beer styles in the world for its gentle flavors, low ABV, and minimal bitterness. They can be made with either ale or lager yeast and increasingly often include fruit in the recipe.

American-style wheat beers use at least 30% wheat for brewing, compared to many other beer styles' exclusive malted barley composition. These beers are golden-straw with a medium body, medium carbonation, and low hop flavor and aroma.

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