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Susquehanna Brewing Company Sampler

The weather is only getting warmer from here on out. It’s time to start thinking about which lagers and shandies you’ll bring to this year’s first cookout.

Susquehanna Brewing Company in Northeast Pennsylvania gives us Pittsburghers a direct dose of summertime delight.

The Susquehanna Sampler is a 12-pack variety featuring a lager, two shandies, and a fruit ale. Here they are:

  • Goldencold Lager

  • Shady Spot

  • Sunny Spot

  • Orange Is the New Ale

The Susquehanna Sampler 12-pack packaging featuring four Susquehanna Brewing Company beers.

Goldencold Lager - 5%

Goldencold Lager is a traditional German lager brewed with pilsner malt for a well-rounded and balanced flavor. Hallertau hops create a crisp and classic taste you can relate to, one you can enjoy sun up or sundown. Drink it gold and cold.

Shady Spot - 4.5%

Grab a Shady Spot and kick back under a tall tree while the spring breeze takes branches to and fro. Sip this traditional shandy with equal parts Helles lager and refreshing lemonade for a beer-citrus harmony.

Sunny Spot - 4.7%

Are you tired of the shade? Find yourself a Sunny Spot to soak up the rays and dive into this grapefruit shandy. You’ll get citrus flavors cut with a bready Helles lager taste. Don’t forget your sunscreen.

Orange Is the New Ale - 4.2%

Orange Is the New Ale, and it’s just as thirst-quenching as its shandy cousins. This blood orange fruit ale introduces your taste buds to the new era of beer, boasting a bright and tangy orange flavor with minimal bitterness and excellent drinkability.


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