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New Southern Tier Overpack’d Variety - 2 New Beers!

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Southern Tier’s new Overpack’d variety is available at Bridge City Beverage featuring two new beers. Stop in today to pick up a 15-pack featuring five different IPAs, each with a unique flavor profile.

The variety pack returns with three beers from the original five: Nu Haze, Southern Tier IPA, and 2XIPA. Joining these staples are two new beers: Juice Jolt, a juicy IPA, and Hoptomic Rush, a tropical IPA.

Keep reading for more information on each of these beers.

Nu Haze - 6%

Nu Haze is a hazy and smooth IPA designed to be as juicy as possible with minimal bitterness. It’s brewed with Idaho 7 and Mosaic hops for a mix of pine, tropical, and citrus flavors. Nu Haze is full-bodied with a gentle mouthfeel.

Southern Tier IPA - 7%

Southern Tier IPA is a result of craft beer pioneering. It’s one of the brewery’s original beers and a staple of the style as it’s known today. It’s packed with heavy-duty flavors of grapefruit and pine for that true American IPA taste. There’s a hint of caramel malt sweetness characteristic of the style.

2X IPA - 8.2%

No Southern Tier variety pack comes complete without this flagship. 2XIPA is dry-hopped into oblivion and balanced by malt for a bittern, sweet, and hoppy profile. It features Citra hops among other varieties like Simcoe, CTZ, Cascade, and Centennial. Grapefruit and bitter lemon flavors lay atop a sweet malt foundation.

Juice Jolt - 6.8%

Juice Jolt is a new beer in the Overpack’d variety. It tests the limits of just how juicy an IPA can be, pushing those tropical hop flavors to their limit. Fruit juice flavors are at the forefront of this extra-juicy IPA with complementing malt sweetness. It’s available exclusively in Overpack’d.

Hoptomic Rush - 6.5%

Hoptomic Rush is a brand-new beer from Southern Tier. It’s a Tropical IPA with flavors reminiscent of both the style and beer name. Potent tropical hop flavors and aromas rush to your senses filling them with tastes and aromas of tangerine, mango, and papaya. Available exclusively in Overpack’d.


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